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Enfield Division Guides - Community Garden Project

Guides Garden project is a huge success!

Middlesex Guides celebrated the success of a District-wide garden development scheme at Ponders End Library in Enfield.

The project was completed in collaboration with Enfield Council who had installed a number of planters outside the library in an effort to make the area more aesthetically pleasing and encourage residents to take advantage of home-grown produce. A Small Grant from the  Foundation was used to to purchase materials, plants and tools.

In line with Enfield Council’s original intention, the planters have been used to grow both long and short term fruit and vegetable crops including salad, peas, potatoes, fruit bushes, herbs and vines.

Division Commissioner Jacqueline Martyr, who won the Leader Award which enabled the  grant said, “The girls developed their knowledge and learnt a range of skills while having fun outdoors. They showed plenty of enthusiasm and commitment in both caring for the planters and improving their community.

The library’s staff have remarked on how pleased they were that the beds were maintained, while visitors and volunteers with the local Community Trust have also commented favourably on them.”

The council have since installed an outside tap so that the plants could be watered regularly, while other children attending the library’s homework club have joined in with the maintenance of the project.

The growing food is available to local residents, while many of the guides regularly visit the project for maintenance or to take some of their crops home for dinner!

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