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Example blog: Creating in your own time

Almost 4 years ago I started creating YouTube videos as a hobby, and whilst I don’t do it so much now, I can pinpoint that singular decision as one a moment that continuously effects my life.  What was originally a creative outlet became a passion project that was invaluable to me!

I gained many skills + had many experiences thanks to this, one of the most valuable skills was learning how to listen to my own voice and only cringing 60% of the time. The truly valuable experiences include meeting a lot of friends, some amazing events, one especially cool one at Google’s headquarters and working with a few interesting companies!

This developed into a blog focusing on travel, music and interviews with content creators. This has given me so much more than I could have ever imagined, I landed real life roles thanks to the skills I’d gained, i.e. teaching myself how to edit video, how to write towards deadlines. Since then this has evolved into freelance writing, both paid and unpaid, and completing internships ranging from social media positions to music journalism. One especially cool outcome was being able to interview a band I’ve been a fan of for a good while now. When I started writing posts a couple of years ago, I didn’t expect it to be effecting my ‘real life’.

Maybe the biggest outcome is having a clearer vision of the things I want to be doing with my time. I started with YouTube when I had just begun my law degree, aged 18. Back then I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do afterwards, but I probably would have ended up taking the path towards being a legal academic. Thankfully I realised what I wanted to do before taking that any further, likely making myself rather unhappy in the process.

Utilise every opportunity you have, just like this one! As someone who maybe didn’t utilise enough opportunities and passed up on things that probably would have been beneficial, definitely take up every opportunity that you can.

 If you take up the opportunity to write for the Jack Petchey Foundation blog, we’ll help you to gain some real life writing experience, you’ll gain some valuable insight into what it can be like as a writer, gain more skills for you CV and learn more about the creative writing field. Whether it’s something you want to take further or not, you’ll definitely take a few things from it! You could end up down the same route that I’ve found myself on!

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