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First Give & Jack Petchey Case Study - Chace Community students invited to the opening of Age UK Enfield's new offices

After a group of students at Chace Community School won £1,000 for Age UK Enfield in their First Give final – generously supported by the Jack Petchey Foundation – the charity invited them along to the opening of their new offices at Ponders End Library. This was a chance not only to see the difference all their hard work was making, but also an opportunity to show off their fantastic presentation skills and knowledge of the organisation to the staff, volunteers and service users, all of whom gathered to watch the team’s winning presentation. And you could see from the whooping and clapping that they were impressed!

The team had had next to no experience of volunteering or fundraising prior to their First Give journey, with only Harry having given his time in this way before. But he and his teammates Ilpar, Tilly, Marnie, and Kasey threw themselves into the task of finding a cause they wanted to support, settling upon Age UK Enfield because, as Tilly explained, “We wanted to do something that helped the older community, because we know that that’s a big issue at the moment.”

 Sir Jack Petchey says “ I believe we all have a responsibility to give back to society”"

Glowing with pride at their achievements, the team had a great time chatting with the people who they’ve worked hard to help. “I now know how much of a difference it makes to people, to see them all here, cheering us along,” Tilly enthused. Kasey agreed, “It makes you feel really good after.” It seems that these students have certainly seen the truth of Sir Jack’s own conviction that, “Giving makes us better people and often you find you get more out of it yourself than you have given.” As Tilly said, ‘”It might make your day as well as theirs.”

First Give works in partnership with the Jack Petchey Foundation, which funded the 2015/2016 programme with £85,000, allowing 25 schools across the South East to participate in the scheme. However, the upcoming programme is set to be bigger and better, with the Jack Petchey Foundation providing First Give with £120,000 to increase the numbers of young people who participate to almost 11,000 - helping even more young people engage with their local communities and develop valuable professional skills. Sir Jack Petchey says “I believe we all have a responsibility to give back to society” and of course he has done this by funding the First Give programme in London and Essex to enable  thousands of young people to understand and get involved in local charities.

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