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Fred Price - Resources for Autism

No stopping philanthopic Fred!

20 year old Fred Price won an Achievement Award for his volunteering efforts and determination to help other people.

Fred attends the Resources for Autism centre on Finchley Road and in eighteen months  developed from an introverted individual into a confident and resolute young man. Fred recently started volunteering as a Family Support Worker to a four year old autistic child and the response from the family was so positive, they wanted to start paying him! Fred sat an official interview, and has since been working with young autistic children ever since.

Fred said “Since I started to do the support work, I can’t get enough of it! It’s all about perseverance with autism, and finding the one or two things that really motivate you. The Jack Petchey award is completely out of the blue - I am very happy to have received it!”

Fred has also held various other volunteering positions including working at Barnet Library and doing secretarial work for the National Autistic Society. He conducted a presentation on the concept of “Moving forward” to help motivate and encourage other young autistic people they can achieve too.

Fred put some of the £200 towards a camping trip for his peers and the rest towards the purchase of a new camera for the centre.

Charlotte Richman, volunteer co-ordinator at Resources for Autism said, “Fred is a fantastic ambassador for the centre, and his achievements give hope to families across the UK.”

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“Since I started to do the support work -  I can't get enough of it!”


Fred Price and Charlotte Richman