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Hashim Mir - Coombe Boys School

Courageous Hashim is role model at Coombe Boys!

Depending on the reaction of the person involved, stories of individual hardships can be truly encouraging and full of inspiration. This is definitely the case with Coombe Boys School pupil Hashim Mir.

In 2012, 15 year old Hashim braved a medical condition which resulted in him having to miss a whole school year. Being away from school and friends for such a long time would demoralise any young person yet despite such an ordeal, Hashim stayed positive and optimistic throughout. He recently returned to school and, despite his absence, decided not to re-sit the time he had missed but re-join his school year in order to take his GCSE’s in the summer.

Assistant Head Julie Morris said, “Hashim is one of those students who gets his head down, and gets on with his work. He didn’t ask for any special treatment when he returned to school – he just wanted to continue his education. He is an inspiration.”

The School Council at Coombe Boys universally voted for Hashim to win the Jack Petchey Achievement Award on his return to school. In the school assembly, when Hashim got up to collect his award, the school erupted into huge applause.

Hashim said, “It means so much to win the Jack Petchey Award, especially as I was voted for by my peers on the school council. I am now focusing on finishing my GCSE’s and going into Sixth Form.”

Hashim will go into Sixth Form next year, where he hopes to further develop is drawing and design skills. He also has a passion for literature and wants to study English at A-Level too, before going onto Higher Education at university.

He used the £200 he received to put towards buying a tablet for the SEN department at the school. He said, “I want others to benefit from me receiving this award, and I know that the tablet will be used to enhance the learning of other children at my school.”

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“Hashim is a true inspiration”