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Iyanu Taiwo - RAINS Childhood Regained Project

Camden volunteer tackles child exploitation in Ghana

In summer 2013, Iyanu Taiwo spent several months working with a local charity in Tamale, Northern Ghana, where she helped to tackle the issue of child exploitation in the region. Iyanu, of Abbey Road in Camden, worked as a part of a research group for the Regional Advisory Information Networks System (RAINS), a registered Ghanaian charity committed to helping marginalised groups in society.

Iyanu was working on RAINS’ ‘Childhood Regained’ project which is designed to empower communities to protect their children from being forced out of education and into work. Many children in Northern Ghana are engaged in hazardous labour or at risk of urban migration in order to contribute to family income.

Iyanu was supported on the venture by the Jack Petchey Foundation, receiving a Individual Grant for Volunteering to help towards the cost of the project.

During her time in Western Africa, Iyanu, 25, carried out a research project which focused on young boys who were leaving education at an early age. She travelled to various communities in Northern Ghana to conduct research and created a report with the collated data and recommendations as to how to combat the issue.

“The research project enabled us to highlight the key areas for RAINS to work on in the forthcoming months to provide effective support for deprived communities. This will enable more young people to remain in education across Ghana.”

Iyanu also helped RAINS to organise a launch event to celebrate their twentieth anniversary of helping disadvantaged Ghanaians, and created a 30 minute documentary exhibiting their work.

“I have learnt a lot about the development challenges faced by those living in Northern Ghana, and I am glad to have contributed to the progress made.”

To find out more about the work carried out by RAINS, visit www.rainsgha.org/

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“The project will enable more young people to remain in education across Ghana”


Filming a video documentary