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Jake Forecast - Roding Valley High School

Jake wins award for dedication to the learning of others

Year 8 student Jake Forecast won a Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Award for the attentiveness he has shown towards his peers at Roding Valley High School.

14 year old Jake meets his Head of Year on a regular basis to help prepare and discuss the year group’s assembly each week. He regularly gives presentations in front of his classmates and makes sure to raise any issues with the Head of Year in a responsible and reliable manner. As well as looking out for members of his year, Jake mentors younger students, helping them with their reading and spelling.

Jake has also started another initiative to become a ‘go-to’ person for anyone suffering from issues such as bullying.

Of winning the Achievement Award, he said, “This is a special memory for me, as I have never received an award before. My certificate is in a frame and I have got my medallion and my Jack Petchey pin badge to remind me of this moment!

I believe more in myself – I usually thought bad things were going to happen. Now I believe I can do the best I can to get to where I want to be.”

Jake used the £200 reward money to fund a Spanish production company who came to perform a play at his school.

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“I believe more in myself now - in the past I always thought bad things were going to happen”


Jake with his award