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Khadijah King - South Thames Crossroads

Busy young carer rewarded for positivity

14 year old Khadijah King has been caring for her mother for five years and was awarded a Jack Petchey Achievement Award by carer support group South Thames Crossroads for her positivity and motivation during a group project with other young carers in Lambeth.

Khadijah was nominated by other young carers who highlighted her “can-do” attitude and her warm and extending hand of friendship to new members and staff alike.  Khadijah said “Caring is second nature to me and I will always help wherever needed.”

On winning her Jack Petchey Achievement Award Khadijah said “I am so pleased to have been nominated by other carer’s and it has inspired me to have more confidence in myself and what I can do. ”

Khadijah used her £200 grant to take other young carers in her group to Drayton Manor Theme Park to reward everyone for their efforts in caring for their family members.

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“Caring is second nature to me and I will always help wherever needed”