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Last man standing in Barnet

In June 2016, the Barnet branch of the Boys Brigade took 30 of their members on their annual summer camping trip. However, this year it would be bigger and better than ever thanks to a £750 Small grant awarded to the club by the Jack Petchey Foundation.    

The grant money was spent on a “Last Man Standing” inflatable challenge which they used on site for the whole camping trip. The boys absolutely loved the activity and enjoyed rising to the challenge. Not only was it a fun activity, it kept the boys active and encouraged team play. It also meant that the Brigade could stay on-site without running out of activities.

Here’s what the yung members had to say about the inflatables:

Michael said, “It was so much fun, we all had a go- even the leaders!”

Luke said, “The inflatables at camp this year were the best thing ever, especially the wipe-out!”

Matthew said, “The inflatables at camp were awesome! They certainly used up all my energy and were great fun.”

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