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Luke House - Shooters Hill Tennis Club

Luke scores a full-house with Jack!

23 year old tennis ace Luke House has made huge steps in his personal development and aided the progression of Shooters Hill Lawn Tennis Club for over a decade. Luke has been recognized for his hard work and commitment to Shooters Hill through the Jack Petchey Foundation award schemes having received both Achievement and Leader Awards during his time at the club.

Luke, who started coaching when he was 18, was Shooters Hill’s first Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner back in 2008, which acknowledged him as positive role model for younger players. Luke spent the award money on a new table tennis table, giving him the opportunity to re-invest in the club.

He said, "It is important to have a good club atmosphere both on and off court. I have organized social events for both junior and adult members alike to really develop the community feel of the club."

Luke has been actively involved in the running of the club for years including the coaching program, attending board of directors meetings and running various club teams. For his dedication to helping younger players, Luke was awarded a Jack Petchey Leader Award.

Luke also helped to increase the club size from 4 courts to 6, and prepared financial projections for funding applications. He has set goals for the future, planning to maintain the development of the junior section whilst increasing adult participation at the club. He is keen to see the club progress as a positive influence on the local community and its members. Personally, Luke is keen to advance with his coaching qualifications and get involved in coach education.

On behalf of Shooters Hill, Luke expressed his gratitude to the Jack Petchey Foundation, which has enabled the purchase of kit for the juniors, prizes for tournament winners and the refreshment of on court coaching equipment. “I think the whole Jack Petchey scheme is fantastic for young people. I’ve seen the positive effects it’s had on young winners and how proud parents are of their children who have won the Achievement Award”.

Luke is a firm advocate of extra-curricular activities for young people. "Sport goes beyond winning and losing matches – it helps kids stay fit and healthy, gain friendships, and develop control of their emotions”.

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“Sport goes beyond winning and losing matches - it helps kids stay  fit and healthy, gain friendships, and develop control of their emotions”


Luke in action