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Nick Raynsford MP - South London Special League

MP awarded for outstanding community contributions!

MP for Greenwich and Woolwich the Right Honourable Nick Raynsford was awarded an Outstanding Leader Award for his contribution and support for the South London Special League.

Mr Raynsford has been a trustee of the organisation since 2000 when the Special League began, and has supported the project through the giving of awards, attending events and further helping to offer opportunities for disabled children through sport across South London.

He said, “It’s an honour to be given this award, as it is an honour to present the young people at the South London Special League with medals and awards for their own achievements.  It is always a pleasure to attend wonderful events at the SLSL.”

Development Officer for the South London Special League Steve Johnson was also given a Leader Award for his enduring commitment to the organisation.

The awards were presented by the Founder and Project Manager of the South London Special League Sharon Brokenshire who said, “We thank Nick, Steve and all the supporters of our fantastic organisation which uses sport to improve the lives of disabled children in South London, increase fitness and crucially raise their self-esteem and heighten their aspirations.”

SLSL is a unique project that offers opportunities for young people through sport to improve their lives, increase fitness, raise their self esteem and heighten their aspirations. It is an award winning successful community based project that enables young players with disabilities to participate and compete at a level appropriate to their ability.

The league ensures young people with a learning disability have the opportunity to play sport on a regular basis, competing at each age, gender and ability level for an annual cup. In turn this raises the awareness and involvement of the local communities to the skill of the players and their determination to succeed.

Since 2004 over one thousand boys and girls have experienced the fun of playing football. The project has been managed since its inception by Sharon Brokenshire and has received a variety of awards for excellence that demonstrate the level of commitment of the management committee.

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“It is an honour to be given this award, as it is an honour to present the young people at the South London Special League with their own achievements.”