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Patrick Sullivan - Holy Cross Youth

Patrick puts on a party!

It is fair to say not all teenagers would go out of their way to help the sick, elderly and housebound members of their community. 15 year old Patrick Sullivan did exactly that when he organised a special party for older people in Lewisham this summer.

Earlier in the year, compassionate Patrick won Jack Petchey Achievement Award from Holy Cross Youth for his committed service to the young people's servers club and his quiet but effective leadership. Patrick received a certificate, gold medallion and £200 with the award which he decided he wanted to use to support the older generation in his community.

Every year Holy Cross organises a Service of the Sick for elderly, sick and housebound people in the locality. Local people arrange to collect them from their homes and bring them to the church for the service, and then they have tea in the hall. Patrick made the 2014 event extra special using the £200 to ensure a plentiful supply of food and treats for the attendees - of which there were over 80! Patrick was also on hand to serve guests and make sure they had a thoroughly memorable afternoon.

Volunteer at Holy Cross Victoria DMello said, “Patrick is a bright and friendly young man who shows commitment in helping the community. He stands out for his courtesy and his maturity.”

When he is not in school or helping out at the church, Patrick enjoys playing golf and badminton, while he is also preparing for the Bronze level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

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“Patrick stands out for his courtest and maturity”


Patrick with some of his guests