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Y2Y Youth Forum Residential - Pyramid Health and Social Care Association

Haringey youth inspired by residential!

A group of young people from Haringey enjoyed a variety of new experiences on an exciting residential weekend in the Surrey hills.

Youngsters from Tottenham based PHASCA’s (Pyramid Health and Social Care Association) Y2Y youth forum spent three days at Marchants Hill activity centre over a sunny weekend in summer 2013. The group were enabled to go on the trip thanks to support from the St John Southworth Fund and a Small Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation.

The trip encouraged the development of team building skills and self-confidence by taking the youngsters outside of their comfort zones, and outside of the city.

Manager at PHASCA Doreen Henry said, “Sometimes it is hard to see what avenues and opportunities are out there when you have never stepped foot outside of your borough, let alone the city. Camps like this really encourage our young people to develop their independence and overcome any fears or anxieties. It also pushes them to identify and grasp further opportunities that are available to them after they return from the trip.”

During the three-day residential, the young people took part in a range of activities including raft building, tackling an obstacle course, archery, abseiling and solving riddles. One of the most popular activities was the Giant Swing which involved a lot of teamwork and trust between the group.

PHASCA youth worker Chanelle Farrell said, “We have learnt how our young people will push themselves to get everything out of an opportunity when it is presented to them. There was a lot of positive energy, and we learnt and helped to develop individual’s aspirations for the future.”

PHASCA’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged people in the Haringey community by providing them with opportunities and offering appropriate support to better their lives and achieve their goals.

Lola, who attends the meetings on a weekly basis said, “The Y2Y meetings have a real family atmosphere – it’s great to be a part of something so positive.”

The organisation is committed to bringing the community together, and run a range of initiatives to achieve this aim. These include Space to Talk, Homework Club Network, Saturday School and Exploring Nature in your Backyard.

The Y2Y youth forum meet on Wednesday evenings on St. Ann’s Road in South Tottenham. To find out more click here!

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“We learnt how our young people will push themselves to get everything out of an opportunity when it is presented to them”