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Rocket Club Project - Greig City Academy

Pupils at Greig City Academy have been aiming for the stars in the school’s recently formed Rocket Club. The club was formed thanks to a Small Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation. The team at Grieg City were practicing and preparing for the Water Rocket Challenge, which took place on the 19th June at the National Physics Laboratory in Teddington. The event saw schools, youth groups and adult enthusiasts compete to see how long they can keep a rocket in the air, while earning bonus points by landing it in specific target zones.

15 year old Michal Wensierski, who lives in Enfield said, “I enjoy assembling and disassembling things to see how they work. I like working out how things are made and how to improve their function.”

The club is specifically aimed at students in years 10 and 12 who are keen to further their scientific knowledge in a hands on, project based way. As well as completing the projects and entering competitions, the pupils who take part are encouraged to help sustain its longevity by passing on the knowledge gained to younger students.

Design and Technology teacher Richard Garcia, who supervises the club said, “We are trying to create a legacy with this club. The idea is that students take part in year 10, and after taking their GCSEs the following year, will come back in year 12 to pass on their understanding to younger students. Personally, I think being involved in Rocket Club is a very worthy investment of time.”

Through their participation in the club, students gain skills in design, including the use of CAD and CAM, programming, scheduling and project management. They also develop key leadership, communication and teamwork skills through working with other pupils of different year groups.

Jack Petchey Foundation coordinator at Greig City Anne Becker said, “We expect the long-term impact among the students to be; an increased interest in technology, science and maths, greater motivation to apply themselves to their studies, a better understanding of the world of work, and an ability to make more informed choices when it comes to deciding what to study at Key Stage 4.”

Greig City’s Rocket Club is much more than an after-school activity. The projects and competitions give the students a goal to work towards, developing their educational abilities whilst enjoying themselves too.

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“I like working out how things are made and how to improve their function.”