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Ryan Davis - St Bonaventure's School

Award winner brings dragons into school!

St Bonaventure’s pupil Ryan Davies won a Jack Petchey Achievement Award for his dedication to caring for animals.

Since he was 12, sixteen year old Ryan has volunteered at Newham City Farm in Beckton at weekends and over the school holidays. Diane Halliwell from St Bon’s said, “Ryan gives his time freely, often working outdoors in the rain but he never complains. His focus is caring for the animals.”

As well as working at the farm, Ryan is a keen animal activist and never misses an opportunity to promote the importance of animal welfare. As well as encouraging his peers and teachers to become animal lovers, Ryan often takes City Farm animals on road shows and has represented the farm at the Lord Mayor’s show.

In school, he was responsible for setting up and maintaining a tropical fish tank in one of the science laboratories for the benefit of all the St Bon’s students.

Ryan, who lives in Manor Park, intends to study animal husbandry at Writtle College in Essex after completing his GCSE’s. From there, his dream is to go to university to study zoology.

With the £200 he received for winning his Jack Petchey award, Ryan bought a special enclosure called a vivarium to house two bearded dragons he purchased for the whole school to enjoy.

Since their arrival at the school, the exotic creatures have become the focus of much attention while the students are learning about the correct environment for the lizards, how to monitor the heat lamps and overseeing their feeding with crickets.

Jack Petchey Foundation Grant’s Officer for South London and Newham, Jane Evans said, “Ryan’s determination to help and care for the natural world is admirable. We wish him all the best with his plans to work with animals in the future.”

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Year 11 twins Kevin and Novin Premadeva with the two bearded dragons