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Student receives achievement award for dedication to mental health charity

Mental health problems are more common than people may think, in fact it affects one in ten children and young people.* Raising awareness about the realities of mental health has countless positive effects, from encouraging those who are dealing with mental health problems to open up and ask for help, to influencing government policy on improving mental health services. Many young people are at the forefront of challenging traditional perceptions about mental health, including Carrie-Jayne Crawshaw from Westminster Academy, who won a Jack Petchey Achievement Award for her extracurricular work and commitment to the mental health charity Young Minds.

Carrie-Jayne was recognised for her dedication to volunteering, mentoring, phone counselling, and fundraising for Young Minds through her Citizenship Studies course. As a part of her work, Carrie-Jayne also made an eloquent pitch about young people and mental health to local MP, Karen Buck. She has also been leading discussions in focus groups at the school and is planning a high profile event on preventing self-harm. She has shown real maturity and perseverance in her ability to combine volunteering with producing first-rate school work. With the UK Youth Parliament voting ‘Young People's Mental Health’ as one of their priorities in 2016, her hard work is more relevant than ever. Well done for making a difference, Carrie- Jayne!

* https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/c/children-and-young-people

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