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Volunteering in Madagascar could mark dawn of a career in NGOs

After graduating with a Master’s in Education and International Development from UCL, Eve Hadshar used her expertise to volunteer during a nine month education project with NGO Azafady in Fort Dauphin, southeast Madagascar. To support Eve in her volunteering role, the Jack Petchey Foundation awarded her a £300 Individual Grant for Volunteering.

Eve’s project involved teaching English in schools and working as an education specialist in Azafady’s project development team. She researched and pursued funding for new education projects for the team. By teaching English in various local schools in Fort Dauphin, Eve has increased her students' chances of passing their English exams and Baccalaureates at the end of high school, enabling them to pursue further education and career opportunities. Eve also worked with local English teachers and Azafady’s staff members to improve their English, helping them to develop professionally and further their careers. Through her project development work, she secured funding for new education projects, which means that more local people are expected to benefit for years to come. 

Her role as a teacher of children and adults has helped her learn a lot about education and teaching, and become more aware of issues facing students and teachers in developing contexts. She also gained a useful insight into how a small international NGO operates on a day to day basis in terms of logistics, finances and media management. 

Eve said of the learning experience that “this was fascinating and I feel I could now make a meaningful and informed contribution to an education and development NGO in this country.” 

Reflecting on her time volunteering Eve said “I had a fantastic time in Madagascar and my experiences working in schools in Fort Dauphin will stay with me for a long time. I have worked with truly amazing and inspiring young people, who try so hard... This environment was intense and challenging at times, but also thoroughly rewarding and I know I have made friends that will stay with me for life.”

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