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William Perkins students learn about the universe at Greenwich Observatory

On Friday 27th January 2017, 60 lucky Year 10 students from William Perkin High School visited the Greenwich Planetarium. The trip was funded by a £180 Jack Petchey Foundation Educational Visit Grant.

The trip was directly related to their Physics curriculum as the students were studying space at the time. Students were given the chance to explore the observatory, see a planetarium show and received a masterclass about the expansion of the universe. The students were incredibly interested in the subject matter, asking the experts hundreds of questions and leaving the observatory extremely enthused.

Amber describes the highlights of the trip, “We took part in many activities that day such as a workshop on the age of the universe by using elaborate calculations of speed and distance. Additionally, we discovered Hubble’s constant which linked well with what we are learning in Maths too.

I was surprised to discover many Harry Potter characters were named after stars and galaxies. We learnt all about these in the Planetarium, where we were given a talk on the scale of the universe. It’s intimidating to think there are more stars than grains of sand on Earth- although I am not sure how they calculated that!” 


A student exploring the exhibition at the observatory

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