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How to Apply

Read all the information and get ready to apply for your small grant?

  • The sections below should help.

Is our organisation eligible to apply for a Small Grant?

-  In order to apply for a small grant you must already be running the Achievement Award Scheme and have successfully completed at least one grant report (January - June or September - November)

In addition:
- You must have recognised a Leader within the last 12 months. As soon as you receive confirmation from us that a Leader Award has been approved, you will be eligible to apply for a small grant in one of the next two small grant rounds.

For example, if you recognise a leader in July, you will be able to apply for a small grant in either the Autumn round or the following Spring round.

What is the criteria for a small grant?

We are looking for projects that will make a meaningful difference to your organisation and will be of greatest benefit to your young people.

To apply for a grant the following criteria must be met:

  • Applications must be completed by the Scheme Coordinator
  • The organisation must have a valid Leader Award Winner within the last 12 months
  • The Leader Award Winner has not previously received a small grant
  • Where appropriate Young People and the Leader Award winner should be involved in the application process
  • The maximum grant available is £750, therefore requests for JPF support must not exceed this amount
  • The overall project cost must not exceed £5,000.
  • The project must benefit a group of young people (not just an individual).
  • The project must not promote religious or political beliefs
  • The project must be completed within 9 months of funding being awarded
  • A grant report must be submitted following completion of the project and by the specified date

Unfortunately we cannot fund:

  • Applications that are received after the closing date
  • Incomplete applications.
  • Projects where the total project cost exceeds £5,000.
  • Projects that have already started (Projects that have started prior to being notified of a successful application)
  • Applications from organisations who have already received a small grant for their 'active' Leader.
  • Projects which do not meet the criteria detailed above

How do I apply?

All applications MUST be submitted by the Achievement Award coordinator for your club / school.

To apply all applications must be submitted using the online application form. (Please note you will be required to provide information about the organisation, and specific details about the grant request. Please click here to read the statement of how we will use the information and data you have provided).


You will be able to apply in March and September each year - via our coordinator page. You may wish to read the application guidance and frequently asked questions that are also available on our coordinator page, along with examples of good and poor applications, before you apply. 




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