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How to Book Tickets

All tickets will be arranged via the Jack Petchey Events Team. 

Perfomers at Jack Petchey event

Perfomers at a Celebration event

The Coordinator at your school is contacted by the Foundation in advance of events and they then provide us with a list of attendees.  We then send tickets care of them, and they will pass them on to the award winner.

Whether you are a coordinator, award winner or guest, the sections below should help explain the process.

I am part of a club, what events are there for me?

Clubs should attend ‘regional events’.  These take place around eight times a year and are open to any award winner from any youth organisation/group/club that participates in the Achievement Award Scheme.  Your coordinator will need to contact us at the Foundation and book your group on to an event.  Contact the Events Team on 020 8252 8000.


We will let your club know in plenty of time when one of these events is being held.

I am part of an umbrella organisation, what events are there for me?

All umbrella organisations (eg Scouts/Guides/Cadet forces and the Boy’s and Girl's Brigades) on the scheme have dedicated events organised for them.

As with School events, these happen once a year – at roughly the same time of year.

When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will arrive with the Jack Petchey Coordinator for your organisation around 2 weeks before the event.  They will then pass them on to you.

Who can I contact for extra tickets?

Please contact the Jack Petchey Coordinator for your organisarion who will be able to help.  They will then need to contact the Events Team at the Foundation.  Please give them as much notice as possible, especially bearing in mind that the event is ticketed 2 weeks before the event and all tickets may have already been allocated for that particular venue.


Jack Petchey medal

An Achievement Award medal

“I have so many proud moments of my daughter, and being involved last night was just another one I can add to my list.  I already knew my daughter was all of those things but hearing it from others always makes it nicer. The whole evening was a truly amazing night.  I'm bursting with pride for my daughter and will keep her award on show and make sure everyone knows she got it.  Thank you to everyone involved last night.”