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What Happens

Our celebrations are probably like nothing you would have ever experienced! 

Attendees at Jack Petchey event

Attendees at a Celebration event

They are loud, colourful, supportive and fun! We encourage audience participation, clapping, cheering and screaming. We have fantastic entertainment, superb venues, great guests and, of course, the best audiences in the world!

As soon as you walk through the door of the venue you will notice something different. We work hard to try and build the atmosphere as much as possible and this takes place even before the celebration begins. There will be music, moving lights and some friendly welcoming smiles. 

For more information scroll down our frequently asked questions below:

What is the schedule for the event?

The evening will start with a short DVD about the work of the Foundation and we will then launch into our first piece of entertainment. Every event has a guest VIP who will say some brief words of welcome and then...


We hit the awards running! 

The music starts, the lights flash and we are off – award winners come onto stage to huge cheers and clapping, collect their award, have their photograph taken with our VIP and then again with their school or club. They then make their way back to their seats. Throughout all of this, the music keeps playing and we continually encourage the audience to show their support.

The awards are interspersed with more entertainment throughout the evening and we finish with some closing remarks and a finale act. Generally, the celebrations take around 90 minutes and we send our audience home with a spring in their step and, if we have done our jobs right, hearts bulging with pride!

How long is the event?

Generally the event runs for approx. 90 minutes. 

These timings can fluctuate depending on the number of Award Winners attending from the area. Larger boroughs such as Enfield and Tower Hamlets can have events that run up to 2 hours. Smaller districts such as Tendring and Uttlesford can expect their events to run to around 1 hour.

I am an Award Winner, what should I wear?

Check with your organisation. If you are from a school/college/organisation that has a uniform then please wear that. If not, smart attire is advised. This is a special occasion so we want you to look your best!

Where do I sit when I arrive?

All award winners will generally sit with their organisation, generally in the same block of seating. Guests will be sat elsewhere. This not only helps to build the momentum and excitement but it also makes it easier for our winners to access the stage.

Are venues accessible?

Yes, we make sure that when selecting a venue all of our supporters are able to access the auditorium.

Can I take photos/film the event?

Yes! We encourage all to take photos of such a special occasion. 

We do have a professional photographer capturing moments (which you will be able to download for free from our Gallery [Link to Gallery landing page] afterwards), but please feel free to take as many photos as you wish as well.  Filming is welcomed and these videos are quite often posted to our social networking pages which we think is great!

Achievement Award winner

Achievement Award winner

“Can I just say “Thank you”, another really fabulous evening.  It is always great to see such achievement but the way your evenings are run just makes their success even better.  Our Academy motto is 'Let your Light Shine' and last night everyone definitely let their light shine.”
Achievement Award Winner

Achievement Award Winner

“Was thrilled to be nominated and then to have my teaching career celebrated by the award.  A wonderful evening of joy - so lovely to see how the young people were like me, thrilled to receive an award.  Keep up this wonderful work.”