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Achievers Network Alumni: Camomile

Achievers Network Alumni: Camomile

The Achievers Network is our personal development programme, designed to help young people aged 14 – 19 develop their confidence, self-esteem and a range of soft-skills. With the programme celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary this year, we are taking the opportunity to catch-up with Achievers Network graduates, to see where they are now and how the programme influenced their lives. This time we catch up with Camomile, from the second cohort of the Achievers Network…

Thank you for talking with us Camomile! Could you start by telling us a little about what you are up to these days?

I am currently interning with Business Insider as a markets reporter that focuses on cryptocurrencies. Prior to that I was at Bloomberg. I am on track to achieve my ambition being a financial reporter!

Amazing! Could you talk us through your journey with the Jack Petchey Foundation? 

I was a regional winner of the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge in 2012 and then joined the Achievers Network shortly after. I was mentored by Trudy Kilcullen (CEO) and we stay in touch.  I interned with the marketing team a few years ago. I also helped with assessing some grant applications to the Jack Petchey Foundation a few years ago.  This year I judged a Speak Out Challenge during the pandemic and that was beautiful. 

What it was that first made you apply to the Achievers Network – did you have any idea where it might lead?

I was encouraged to. I had no idea before joining how important it was to set goals. Every goal I set with the AN I’ve followed and achieved. 

What is your standout memory from the Achievers Network?

Being trusted with taking care of VIP guests such as mayors at an event. I was surprised to be given that much trust. 

Do you think the Achievers Network has impacted on where you find yourself today? Is there a particular area you worked on with the AN that helped you to get there? 

Yeah – I am now a journalist and have interned at Bloomberg and now Business Insider, some of the best companies for online journalism and financial journalism. I would not be here if not for the goals I achieved with Achievers Network. 

What is one thing you learnt on the Achievers Network that you think other young people would benefit from learning?


What in your opinion is the most important aspect of the Jack Petchey Foundation’s work?

Training and equipping young people with the skills and confidence confidence need to excel. The public speaking skills I attained changed my life and gave me so much confidence. I managed to talk myself in to becoming a member of the UK Youth Parliament, then the NHS Youth Forum, then to attain a scholarship, and then into my current career path. 

Did you meet Sir Jack? What were your impressions of him?

Yes and he seemed very humble. 

Thank you for talking to us Camomile– it has been fascinating to hear your journey and memories of the Achievers Network, and great reminder of how important it is to set goals!

If you have previously taken part in the Achievers Network, help us to celebrate 10 years of this fantastic programme! Email us at and share your story!

To find out more about the Achievers Network programme, click here!

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