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Achievement Award Scheme

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme is our flagship programme which recognises outstanding young people aged 11-25 across London and Essex. Groups on the scheme get to celebrate the achievements of young people and apply for a package of grants, worth up to £6,400 per year, to support their activities.

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How the scheme works

Organisations on the scheme nominate young people they would like to celebrate and acknowledge for an Achievement Award. Each award winner then receives a certificate, pin badge and a book from Sir Jack himself. They also choose how to spend a £300 grant to benefit their school or organisation. As well as this, organisations on the scheme get to apply for a package of other small grants throughout the year.

For more information on the range of small grants offered through the Achievement Award Scheme, please click here: Leaders Award, Leader Award Grant and Educational Visits.

Jack Petchey Achievement Award winners are young people who have gone above and beyond to achieve – perhaps when others thought they might fail.

“The Achievement Awards are primarily about recognising those who put in the effort and do their best.”
Sir Jack Petchey CBE

Each year, we recognise circa 12,000 Achievement Award winners and invest £3.5m through the Achievement Award scheme.

Awards mean different things to different people. The Achievement Awards are not solely for academic achievement – they may be used to recognise a personal triumph for someone who has faced a challenge, a young person who has pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone or it may be an opportunity to recognise the outstanding efforts of a team player.

A young person is nominated by their peers in their school or youth organisation. An important part of the scheme is the involvement of young people in selecting the award winners for their hard work and efforts. We want young people to recognise and celebrate the success of their peers.

“Achievement Awards have made an incredible difference to our youth project… I couldn’t quite believe that the process was so simple and the support so generous.”
Vision Youth Football Club

All award winners are invited to attend one of our fun ceremonies to be presented with a medallion in front of their families, friends and VIPs.

Over 1,500 schools and youth organisations run our scheme across London and Essex. The programme provides quality resources and funding to help organisations add a bit of sparkle to the great work they already do.

“Winning the Achievement Award not only helped me with my confidence, as it showed to me that I was valued by my peers, but it also showed me that I was able to achieve through my hard work and determination.”
Joseph, aged 18

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Coordinators’ information

Looking for specific information about running this scheme? If you are a school, educational establishment or a youth organisation and are not yet running the Achievement Award Scheme and are interested in joining it, click the link directly below to find out more information.

I wish to join the Achievement Award Scheme

If you are on the scheme, you can access the Coordinator’s Area by clicking the link below.

Visit the Coordinators’ Area

Or you can click this link in order to find out more information about what is open to you on the scheme.

I am currently running the Achievement Award Scheme

Whether you are on the Achievement Award Scheme or not, if you know of a group/school that is not running the scheme and could benefit from joining, please forward this flyer to them.

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