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Youth Consultation Panel

The Jack Petchey Foundation is committed to ensuring young people and their voices are embedded throughout all aspects of our work.

In 2019, the Youth Consultation Panel (YCP) was created and currently consists of eight young people, all of whom have engaged with one or more of the many Jack Petchey Foundation programmes. This group of dynamic young people meet monthly and are committed to highlighting and amplifying young people’s voices and opinions to our Senior Management Team and Board of Trustees.

YCP members are consulted in the creation and design of our grant programmes and play a critical role in grant assessments, making sure we fund the most relevant and effective programmes and that there are sufficient resources available to continue making a difference to young people. Reviewing and providing feedback on the delivery of our programmes, including our flagship Achievement Award Celebration Events, is also an integral part of their role.

By spreading positive messages and recognising and promoting their achievements, the YCP is already helping to change negative attitudes and stereotypes surrounding young people.

The JPF Board of Trustees is committed to youth voice and, as well as an annual joint meeting of the JPF Board and YCP, members of the YCP can apply for the role of Youth Trustee on the Board to ensure that young people’s ideas and opinions are captured and represented at the highest strategic level within the Foundation.

We are extremely proud of our YCP members and believe that their influence and positive contributions will continue to help the Jack Petchey Foundation in its mission to empower young people as future leaders.

Want to know more about the YCP? Read this blog by one of our YCP members!

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Meet Our Youth Consultation Panel!


Fizza was introduced to JPF through the Jack Petchey Speak Out! Challenge, where she became the Regional Champion for Barnet and later one of the 15 Grand Finalists in the 2018-19 Grand Final. She joined the eighth cohort of the Achievers’ Network and then became part of the YCP in 2020. Fizza believes in the amazing work JPF does for young people and hopes to bring enthusiasm and passion for change to the YCP panel.

Fizza is a student at the University of Oxford, where she is pursuing a degree in English Language and Literature. She has a passion for karate, cinema, languages, and performing.

“I hope to bring enthusiasm and passion for change to the panel, as well as using my love of meeting new people to create new connections with other organisations’ youth panels (and maybe even put my English degree to good use!).”


Hetvi is currently studying first year of Business Management at University. She progressed from Achievers Network 10 to YCP in 2022, after the programme helped her to gain more self-eastern together with allowed her to be more sociable by sharing her experience with other people. As part of the Achiever Network programme, Hetvi had several opportunities to meet the mayors with most recently in October she had an amazing opportunity to interview the Lord Mayor of Westminer. During lockdown she also wrote a blog for the website titled as “Hetvi on motivating herself and others”. One of her hobbies is creating motivational quotations to motivate others. 

“As a disabled young person. I feel very supported and proud to be joining JPF. The Foundation gives me different opportunities to motivate myself and enhance my skills. I aim to stay connected with the foundation by helping them to know how they can better support young disabled people. I would always hold onto memories I create and get for what comes next with support of the foundation.”


Joe is a 24-year-old from Essex currently on a graduate scheme working for Legal and General Investment Management having graduated with a law degree from the University of Nottingham. He first came into contact with the JPF having won an achievement award in 2015. After that he joined the Jack Petchey Achiever Network and subsequently became a young leader for the next cohort. Since then, the Foundation have not been able to get rid of him as he’s been able to volunteer at various events, participate in employee interviews, mentor young people currently within the Achiever Network and now be part of the brilliant YCP representing youth voice within the Foundation.

“The Jack Petchey Foundation has been an amazing influence on my teenage-to-young-adult life, giving me invaluable skills that I’ve been able to apply to all aspects of it. Youth voice and representation has always been a huge motivator for me, as decisions for young people should be made by the young people those decisions will effect.”


Kaz is 16, and was first introduced to the JPF when he won his first achievement award at the age of 13 in 2020. Currently navigating the final year of his GCSEs, his educational path is set to continue with Level 3 Creative Digital Media Production.

Kaz is a proud graduate of the 11th Jack Petchey Achiever Network cohort and serves as an Epping Forest Youth Councillor. As a transgender individual, Kaz is also deeply passionate about advocating for the rights and perspectives of those who share his journey and making sure they feel seen. His transformative experience within the Achiever Network has further fueled his drive for positive change.

Kaz is now an eager new member of the YCP, where he actively contributes to bridging generational gaps and collaborating with like-minded young people and adults who genuinely value young voices. He aspires to make an authentic, positive impact through the YCP.

‘’The Jack Petchey Foundation is a force that empowers young people to make a real difference, where voices are amplified, and barriers are torn down. JPF truly has immense transformative power, and I’m honoured to be a part of the YCP!”


Larry was first introduced to the Jack Petchey Foundation by his youth group, Woodcraft Folk, and was later awarded an Achievement Award. Following this he gained a place on the Achiever Network Programme as part of the 11th cohort where he developed his confidence, especially in public speaking, as well as meeting kind and talented young people who were also on the Program.

Larry has devoted hundreds of hours to volunteering for the benefit of young people and also has had the opportunity to judge the Environmental Awards for JPF.

As one of the newest and youngest members of the YCP, Larry hopes to contribute to the community that has given him so much by working hard to benefit the lives of the young people of today. He is excited to work with the other members to provide opportunities for a wide range of talented youths.

“As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others” – Audrey Hepburn

photo of maitri


Maitri is a first-year history student at Cambridge University hailing from Richmond, London. She has an impressive track record of public speaking, having reached the grand final of the Speakout Challenge and participated in AN8.

As a young leader for AN9, Maitri has had many opportunities with JPF, including hosting the grand final of Speakout, sitting on interview panels, and volunteering for various events. Maitri’s passion for public speaking has led her to pursue further training in this area, making her a valuable asset to any team or organization.

“I am incredibly grateful to be a member of the YCP. I have learnt so much from my peers and am in constant awe of how much the JPF contributes to the lives of young people. I’m excited to give back to an organisation that has given me so much!”


Maja is 16 years old and currently studying Physics, Maths and Geography at A-level, and has an interest in studying engineering at university. She first became involved in the Jack Petchey Foundation when taking part in Jack Petchey’s Speak Out Challenge where she placed 2nd in her regional final. From there she applied and became part of the Achiever Network 11. Maja believes the mindset of JPF is so refreshing since young people are treated with respect and are actively encouraged to entirely be themselves. She thinks JPF has changed the lives of many young people, including her own, and finds it inspirational that a young person’s confidence and self-image can be entirely transformed by the programmes run by the foundation.

Whilst being part of AN11, Maja was introduced to the YCP. She’s excited to be a part of the YCP since she aspires to be involved in an organisation that allows young people’s voices to be heard. Being a contributing member of the JPF allows her to give back to the Foundation that has done so much for her.

“And above all, do not be ashamed of yourself, for that is the root of it all” – Fyodor Dostoevsky

“I am incredibly grateful to be a member of the YCP. I have learnt so much from my peers and am in constant awe of how much the JPF contributes to the lives of young people. I’m excited to give back to an organisation that has given me so much!”


Matthew is 23 and first became part of the Jack Petchey Foundation in 2016 when he joined the Achiever Network 5 cohort having won an Achievement Award through the member organisation Epping Forest Youth Council. Throughout his time on the Achiever Network, Matthew gained public speaking and leadership skills, which he still actively uses to this day.

After studying at the University of Exeter, Matthew returned to the Achiever Network as a mentor in 2021, a role which allows him to work one-to-one with new Achiever Network members to help with their development.

Now a full-time Technology Risk Consultant, Matthew volunteers with the Jack Petchey Foundation in his spare time, joining the YCP to help the Foundation grow, while always remembering its founding purpose: to inspire, motivate and allow young people to achieve!

“It’s a real privilege to be part of the YCP, especially as we enter JPF’s 25th birthday year! I am looking forward to being part of a team that will help guide the Jack Petchey Foundation into the future; I’m excited about giving something back to the Foundation that gave me the opportunity to grow and develop.”


Mayumi is a 17-year-old A-level student studying History, English, Art, and Psychology. She is the 2021 winner of the Speak Out! Challenge organized by the Jack Petchey Foundation, which helped her improve her speaking skills and confidence. She then joined the Achiever’s Network 10 cohort, where she made great friends and learned how to further develop herself in a supportive environment.

Mayumi is now a member of the YCP because she wants to help other young people have the same positive experiences she had with Jack Petchey’s programs. She is passionate about getting young people involved in extracurricular activities, especially in the arts like theatre, music, and dance. Despite her previous stage fright, Mayumi is now an avid participant in school theatre, and her confidence has grown immensely thanks to Jack Petchey’s programs.

“By being a part of the YCP I can contribute to Jack Petchey in an impactful way. Working with adults who respect young people and want to hear what they have to say allows me to help contribute to inter-generational change and to help other young people be innovative, creative and passionate!”


Michaylia is an A-level student, and a finalist of the 2020 Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge organised by Speaker’s Trust and the Jack Petchey Foundation. She then joined the Achiever Network’s ninth cohort, where she improved her confidence and experienced new things. She has since volunteered with the Speakers Trust at Jack Petchey’s Speak Out Challenge events to enable other young people to benefit from public speaking training.

Michaylia is now a member of the YCP and hopes to bring young people’s voices to the front of discussions and programmes created by the Foundation.

“I’m so grateful to be apart of an organisation that allows young people to make decisions FOR other young people. I’m excited to have a part in making those decisions with the YCP.”

Riana – Youth Trustee

Riana is 24 years old and originally from Greenwich, London, currently living away from home whilst completing her third year studying a Masters in Pharmacy at the University of Brighton.

Rianna has been involved with the Jack Petchey Foundation since the age of 13 and is a multiple Achievement Award Winner! She was awarded these for participating in our Step into Dance programme three times, twice as a participant and once as a leader!

Riana was also a Volunteer Coordinator for her secondary school’s Achievement Award Scheme in 2014 she was a participant of the third cohort of the Achievers Network programme. She went on to help found the YCP in 2020, and was appointed Youth Trustee in 2023.

“The decision to become a member of the YCP came from reflecting on my experience with JPF and realising how much I have personally benefited from it. The Foundation has encouraged to thrive as an individual and I feel really passionate about giving back and giving every young person the opportunity to develop themselves”


Samantha became a member of the Jack Petchey Foundation alumni in 2018, when she won an Achievement Award from her school. The following year, her school was invited to recommend potential candidates for the Achievers Network programme, where Samantha applied and was accepted to the eighth cohort.

At the end of the yearlong programme, and in the midst of the pandemic, the YCP held the first ever JPF Digital Youth event, which young people signed up to take part in. From this event, Samantha was keen to become involved in the work undertaken by the YCP. As a keen writer, she felt that her journalism skills would be well utilised and that she wanted to continue giving back to the Foundation and the young people it helps.

Samantha is currently studying the International Baccalaureate and is a very keen baker!

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there” – John Assaraf


Following the completion of the Achiever Network 8 in 2019-20. The programme helped Sudipta learn many new skills and to meet many new young people from across London and Essex.

As a keen dancer, Sudipta has been a Step Into Dance Ambassador and remains actively engaged in the programme which is delivered within her school. As part of her role as an Ambassador, Sudipta has had the opportunity to represent the organisation at many events such as Step Around Town as well as having the opportunity to meet with professionals in the industry, and to train with them in a few sessions at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance.

During lockdown 2020, Sudipta acted as a judge for 2 of the major 21st Birthday programmes, the 21st Birthday Anthem Competition and the Community Awards. This was a positive experience that showcased the great achievements of other young people and this inspired her to apply for the YCP as she wanted to continue achieving herself as well as promoting the positive impact of young people today.

“I would encourage anyone with the chance to join a JPF programme to go for it as it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and helps you progress as a person and develop yourself- through fun activities and alongside young people, all from different walks of life, but all connected together!”

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