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From the Archive: A ‘Thank You’ to Sir Jack and the Jack Petchey Foundation

From the Archive: A ‘Thank You’ to Sir Jack and the Jack Petchey Foundation

As part of the 25th birthday celebrations of the Jack Petchey Foundation, the Foundation is creating an archive of all things Sir Jack Petchey! This includes photographs, diaries, publications, certificates, and many more relating to his businesses, the charity, and Sir Jack’s personal life. My name is Katy, and I am the archivist with the fascinating job of delving into the life of Sir Jack Petchey.

On the first of every month throughout 2024 I will be offering a glimpse into that archive through a series of blogs. I’ll be picking out some of the key artefacts that tell the story of Sir Jack and the Foundation. Join us for that journey.


For our sixth month, we are looking at items that relate to the various youth groups that the Jack Petchey Foundation has supported.

Context of Objects

The Foundation doesn’t just run its Achievement Award Scheme in schools. Youth groups also take part too – such as sports clubs and uniformed groups. Sir Jack himself is very fond of the Scouts, having been one himself. He has often spoken about how proud he was to receive the ‘Thank You’ badge (the highest ever civilian Scouting award), as well as the ‘Silver Acorn’ and the ‘Silver Wolf’ accolades.

On top of the badges relating to Sir Jack’s work with the Scouts, but we also have them from the Guides too. Sir Jack has also received gratitude’s from multiple sporting organisations. This includes trophies from several youth football clubs, as well as a trophy recognising Sir Jack as ‘Partner of the Year’ from Table Tennis England, which he was awarded in 2020.

Relevance to the Foundation

In 2005, the Scouts were awarded a £500k grant from the Foundation to celebrate Sir Jack’s birthday, and a further £500k in 2009 to mark the Foundation’s 10th anniversary .

Sir Jack had a passion for sports like table tennis from a young age, which continued into his later years. He loved the versatility of table tennis. It was this love, paired with his desire for it to be accessible to all, that inspired the Foundation to form a partnership with Table Tennis England in 2011. The London Schools Table Tennis Challenge was launched, and is still running today. This programme involves placing tables within schools to encourage focus and exercise.

Sir Jack has said that participating in groups such as these has helped shape him into the man he is. Whilst he has been able to give back through the various schemes and grants, these groups have also enjoyed giving back to Sir Jack and the Jack Petchey Foundation through gestures such as badges and trophies.

It truly demonstrates the variety of groups that the Foundation supports. This helps us reach as many young people as possible If you are part of a youth group that isn’t part of the Achievement Award Scheme, encourage them to get involved by sending them this link.

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