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Mayumi’s personal account of the Youth Consultation Panel (YCP)!

Mayumi’s personal account of the Youth Consultation Panel (YCP)!

In observance of Youth International Day, we would like to take a moment to introduce you to our Youth Consultation Panel (YCP). We are proud to highlight one of our own YCP members, Mayumi, and her personal account of her experience on the panel through this blog she has written!

What is the YCP? 

The Youth Consultation Panel (or YCP) is a panel of young people that helps advise the Jack Petchey Foundation (JPF) on decisions and programmes. This allows JPF to have more youth voices underpinning and motivating their work.  

We advise on lots of different sections of the Foundation’s work and often look over grants and internship applications, help finalise designs of certificates and planners, participate in live events, speak to VIPs and much more! Recently, we been worked on developing our first ever Youth Voice Conference in which we invited different organisations who want to help champion youth voice in their own programmes. On the day we worked with them, demonstrating how to build an effective youth panel like ours within their own organisation. We also received great advice on how to elevate our own panel further! 

How did we form? 

Here’s a brief history on the YCP’s origin: In 2019 the YCP was formed through a group of young people meeting and putting together a proposal for JPF’s Board of Trustees (those leading the Foundation). The group also proposed a Youth Trustee role that would further enhance youth voice within the Foundation and sit on the Board. We currently have twelve YCP members, a Youth Trustee and a former Youth Trustee who has become an official main Trustee. 

My experience on the panel 

My name is Mayumi, I am 17 years old, I am currently doing A-levels and have just finished year 12. I joined the YCP in 2022 after taking part in the Achiever’s Network, a year-long programme (what we called AN10) ran by the Foundation. After the programme, I felt really inspired by what we had learnt. I wanted to continue to use my newly gained skills of organisation, communication and innovation with people that would respect my voice as a young person.  

Now that I’ve been on the panel for a year, I’ve had so many new opportunities. My voice has been really valued and respected in helping to improve elements of JPF, and I feel I’ve really had the opportunity to improve myself in return. I’ve helped design branding and logos, review internship applications, design certificates and planners, attend events and have helped organise and run a youth conference!  

My YCP experience so far has been a great one. I’ve made amazing friends and I’ve learnt so much more about the actual building blocks and processes of an organisation like the Jack Petchey Foundation. I feel I’ve gained skills that are extremely applicable for when I get a professional job in the future, and it has helped me understand how to make change actionable instead of just dreaming about making change. I’m really excited to have a hand in future projects, such as other youth-led events and activities, and I’m so grateful that I have this opportunity. 

 Do you want to make a difference? 

If making a difference in the lives of other young people like yourself, while gaining new skills and experiences with welcoming, motivated people, sounds like something for you, I would definitely recommend joining us on the YCP! (It also doesn’t hurt when you get lunch and snacks during meetings!) 

Currently, all YCP members have completed the Achiever’s Network Programme; if you are also interested in finding out more about that, you can do so by clicking the link below. 

“The Achiever Network is a 12- month personal development programme for up to 35 young people aged 14-19, or 14-21 if they are a young person with a special educational need and/or disability” 

 You are able to apply for the programme if in the past you have: 

  • Won an Achievement Award, 
  • Been a Speak Out Finalist 
  • Been a Step Into Dance Finalist 


If you are interested in joining the YCP and want to find out more information on how to apply, visit our Youth Consultation Panel section.

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