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Maru Karate Kai uses Leader Award Grant for Taiko Drumming Workshop

Maru Karate Kai uses Leader Award Grant for Taiko Drumming Workshop

Maru Karate Kai, a martial arts club from Basildon, Essex, used their Leader Award Grant to introduce Taiko Drumming to their young participants in a workshop.

Taiko Drumming is an ancient Japanese form of percussion using large drums, most commonly the size of a wine barrel, played with two sticks. The workshop was delivered by Kensei Taiko, a Kent-based group that teaches two important aspects of Japanese culture in the UK: taiko drumming and iaijutsu, an ancient martial art of the sword.

Reputedly, the first use of a taiko drum was as a battlefield, used to intimidate and scare the enemy. Drum playing is a key part of Buddhist and Shinto religion and more recently has been formed into a performance art.

In their workshop, Maru Karate Kai learned about the history of the large drums, their connection to Japenese culture as well as watching a performance and everyone having the opportunity to try the drums themselves.

A demo of taiko drums

“It was a great experience for the young people.” The coordinator of the group said, “The team at Kensei were amazing – so good with kids, so energetic and made it really fun for everyone.”

Ethan, a participant in the workshop, said: “I loved playing the drums. Being able to make that much noise isn’t usually allowed!”

Cameron added: “I really enjoyed it. I got to ask loads of questions of John and Debbie who were leading our sessions and they said I was one of the quickest to pick it up. I’d love to do it again!”


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