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Breaking Barriers Through Sports: Jack Petchey Leader Award Grant Unites Youth Against Racism

Breaking Barriers Through Sports: Jack Petchey Leader Award Grant Unites Youth Against Racism

We love to share inspiring stories of how our grants have improved young people’s lives. In honour of Black History Month, we would like to showcase how the Leader Award Grant positively impacted the local community by tackling racism with sport.

Ben from the E20 Football Foundation used his £1,000 Leader Award Grant on a Kick out Racism football tournament, which successfully united young people.

Ben won the Leader Award for his dedication to supporting young people in the community. Since Ben won the Leader Award, he could apply for a Leader Award Grant of up to £1000 to benefit young people in the group.

Young football players playing a football match.

Ben applied for a grant allowing young people to partake in a football tournament, learn the importance of equality and diversity and identify avenues for individual growth and development. The project involved open discussions surrounding anti-racism in sports, as well as featuring football players who have experienced this issue during their careers. This provided an opportunity for youth to gain insight into the effects of racism in sports and possible solutions.

The most significant outcome of the project was the coming together of young individuals from diverse backgrounds and their communities to fight racism in sports. One participant said, “Being part of this tournament made us more aware of each other and our cultures.” Additionally, another participant said, “The tournament brought us closer together,” demonstrating the project’s success in promoting unity.

A union of all the players at the end of the match.

You can use the Jack Petchey Leader Award Grant in many ways when applying. To have your school or club benefit from our funds, if you are part of the Achievement Award scheme, nominate someone for a Leader Award so they can apply for a grant within 6 months of receiving the award.

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