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From the Archive: Sir Jack Petchey’s First Investment Plan

From the Archive: Sir Jack Petchey’s First Investment Plan


As part of the 25th birthday celebrations of the Jack Petchey Foundation, the Foundation are creating an archive of all things Sir Jack Petchey! This includes photographs, diaries, publications, certificates, and many more, relating to his businesses, the charity, and Sir Jack’s personal life. My name is Katy, and I am the archivist with the fascinating job of delving into the life of Sir Jack Petchey.

On the first of every month throughout 2024 I will be offering a glimpse into that archive through a series of blogs. I’ll be picking out some of the key artefacts that tell the story of Sir Jack and the Foundation. Join us for that journey!

 Jack Petchey’s First Investment Plan

First investment plan

We are kicking off the archive blogs by taking it back to a time before the Foundation existed. All the way back to the 1960s with Sir Jack Petchey’s First Investment Plan. We are lucky that this plan still exists, considering it was once just a rough note written on the back page of a spiral topped notepad – like we all do from time to time. Except this one included some very important figures jotted down, such as notes on cost, inflation, and net returns – all important factors that Sir Jack had to take into consideration when starting his own business. This business plan was created when Sir Jack Petchey first decided to break into property investment.

Context of the object:

This note is very important, not only as it demonstrates Sir Jack’s business brain, but also the fact that he has kept it all these years shows what it meant to him. Sir Jack decided to keep the note as a reminder of the benefits of forward-thinking, to instil positivity into work, and that “sometimes the simplest of calculations really do work”. And they really did in this case! It is a fascinating record to keep, as we are able to pinpoint where it all began.

Relevance to the Foundation:

With the knowledge of how far the property business grew from the writing of this plan down the years, it also led to more opportunities – not only for Sir Jack, but for so many others as well! It ultimately led to the creation of the Jack Petchey Foundation and the Achievement Award Scheme. This provided motivation for young people to raise their aspirations, remain focused, and show that we should all pursue our ideas because it may surprise us how they turn out.

Join us next month to discover more about Sir Jack and the Foundation’s journey!

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