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Sam on bringing youth voices into cultural arts spaces

Sam on bringing youth voices into cultural arts spaces

Sam Hardaker is one of our Youth Consultancy Panel Members, a group that are committed to highlighting and amplifying young people’s voices and opinions, both within the Jack Petchey Foundation and beyond. Sam has been part of an effort to take these values into the cultural sector – she tells us what she’s been up to below…

I was recently able to attend a zoom event held by Partnerships for Young London and the Museum of London, discussing the importance of getting young people involved in arts and cultural spaces, such as museums.

The report carried out, “We are the Youth of Today – Life in London for Generation Z”, was illuminating to the fact that more than 30% of young people from the survey say they rarely visit arts and cultural spaces. But, within this, women were more likely, and white people were more likely.

While the youth say that they love the diversity and cultural mixing in London, little is being done to include them in these spaces and encourage their use. While the topic of education seemed to be most important in the survey, these spaces full of historical education and opportunities seems to be used very little.

It was wonderful to see the Museum of London discussing and valuing youth voices, and a certified Gen-Z teen, Prime Isaac, was also involved and questioned about her experiences with cultural and arts spaces, and the sharing of youth voice in general. It seemed that young people often feel discouraged from using these spaces, perhaps out of age or cultural disconnect, especially during the pandemic, after people have become increasingly technologically dependent, or at least more interested in technology.

I found it most interesting and exciting to hear about the plans for the new Museum of London building and hopes for work experience and job opportunities for young people, including apprentice schemes, as my own career aspirations are in the museum field. Let’s hope that we begin to see young people at museums and cultural spaces more! The Museum of London want to make it happen.

Written by Sam Hardaker, Youth Consultancy Panel Member – read more about the YCP here

For more information about the Museum of London’s report, visit their website

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