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Boosting the local economy for generations to come in Tanzania

Boosting the local economy for generations to come in Tanzania

Ahmad Aziz worked as part of a team to substantially improve the livelihoods of young entrepreneurs in a rural Tanzanian village. This was possible because of his Individual Grant for Volunteering, issued by the Jack Petchey Foundation.

The Raleigh ICS programme that he was part of consisted of teaching entrepreneurship knowledge and skills, facilitating growth of business ideas and teaching how to pitch an idea for funding. Amazingly, all of Ahmad’s group received grants for their businesses from Raleigh. This meant that not only did 22 people now have a sustainable source of income, but the Dodoma Isanga village now had eight new businesses which will boost the economy for years to come.

Raleigh International believe that access to education is key to the empowerment of young people and as well as the livelihood programme, provide Early Childhood Development centres for rural communities, constructing pre-primary education facilities. All with the help of people like Ahmad!

Ahmad said: “I have learnt so much. I have gained experience and technical skills in sustainable development, business and teaching, while developing personal skills such as leadership, resilience and communication among others. I progressed in my pursuit of the career I love; international development. I was truly enlightened by the beauty of Tanzania, its culture and its people with whom I have created relationships which will last a lifetime.”

One of the older entrepreneurs Melkioli, said “The arrival of the volunteers brought love, unity and cooperation to a level of which I have not seen in our community in a very long time.” illustrating the impact that Ahmad and the other volunteer’s work had on the community. Ahmad said his contribution to this fills him with joy.

Do you want to volunteer and make a difference like Ahmad? Take a look at this page.

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