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  Chessington School ventures to the oldest occupied castle in the world

  Chessington School ventures to the oldest occupied castle in the world
With many of the students having never left their local area, Chessington School’s trip to the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world was amazing for both their historical and geographical learning. Before the trip, the majority of the pupils thought that Windsor was a long way away, when it is only 15 miles. The impressive building has been the setting for royal weddings and state events, as well as home for 39 monarchs!

The adventure was funded by the Jack Petchey Foundation’s Educational Visit Grant, which granted them funding for coach travel.

Staff said that the students enjoyed physically seeing areas, rooms and buildings with their own eyes that previously they’d only have seen in a history textbook or on television. They also arranged an exciting role play performance – ‘An Audience with Henry VIII’ which involved a man dressed up as the notorious king aged in his early 50s. He wore a bejewelled and golden costume; a near replica of the famous Holbein portrait. The ‘King’ recounted his life, telling of his famous wives, children, and the events of a long reign, in a forceful manor. This interactive historical learning really got the young people engaged.

St George’s Chapel is part of Windsor Castle and staff said that students where ‘in awe of its grandness’ with many of them never having been inside a church before.

A student said: “I found this trip very interesting and it was very well organised. The Castle looked very nice and was very busy with tourists. We had an audience with Henry VIII. He was very funny, entertaining and interactive. I really enjoyed my day at Windsor Castle. I would recommend this as a future school trip.”

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