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Students climb to prepare for D of E

Students climb to prepare for D of E

Garratt Park School in Wandsworth headed to Clip N Climb in Chelsea to prepare for their upcoming Duke of Edinburgh expedition. They took 16 students on the trip, thanks to a Small Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation.

Clip N Climb is an indoor activity centre for both children and adults to have fun and participate in team-building activities.

The trip organiser, Kazi Islam, said the experience made a real difference to the young people. He said: “This proved to be a real team bonding exercise, this particular venue was chosen to show students if they believe they can achieve. Students had to overcome the mental and physical rigour of climbing various walls, with varying levels of difficulty.”

All of the students were motivated, and spurred each other on, with some even climbing adjacent walls to demonstrate to the less confident how to navigate their way up the wall. By the end of the session all students had successfully climbed, some higher than others. Those who were less confident attempted to climb higher on each wall they tried to conquer, showing personal growth and development.

The young people were ecstatic at the end of the session, and they had a discussion on how perseverance, team work, overcoming mental barriers and most importantly a collaborative effort ensures everyone’s success in climbing. We were able to discuss what skills they had learnt from the session and which skills they could apply on their Duke of Edinburgh expedition. The group ended their discussion by each student naming a positive skill they saw in each other and how they could apply their skills in everyday life.

One of the students said: I know my mum doesn’t have the money to send me on this trip, and I would never have gone, or got to experience it otherwise. I hate heights but I pushed myself to try harder and climb higher. I didn’t go to the top but I got high for me, so I’m proud of myself. I didn’t want to do the Duke of Edinburgh expedition in July because I’ve never been camping before, but after this trip I will go, as I’ve learnt it is good to try new things and you don’t know if you don’t try it. I didn’t think my friends would help me so much, they kept telling me to climb higher and that I can do it. I tried hard even though I was scared and I did it because my friends believe in me. Thank you for taking me on this trip.”

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