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5 Royal Ways that Young People have used our Achievement Award grants

5 Royal Ways that Young People have used our Achievement Award grants


In celebration of King Charles’s Coronation this weekend, we have showcased 5 different ways in which past Achievement Award winners have used our grants to celebrate royal events.

1. A tree to honour the Queens Platinum Jubilee

A young person from The John Fisher School won an Achievement Award for producing a superb portrait of the Queen, as part of his school’s Jubilee celebrations. He then used his grant to plant a tree in front of his school, in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II , done by the student

Credit: The John Fisher School


2. Platinum Jubilee Coins

A young person won an Achievement Award due to their outstanding contribution to the Army Cadets in Greater London. They chose to spend their grant on purchasing 201 Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Coins for each cadet within the unit!

3. A joyful party celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth

A young person from the Sea Cadets progressed through the ranks, by working his way up from Junior Sea Cadet to Leading Junior Cadet (and also achieving his Commodore’s Pennant!). As a knowledgeable, helpful and admirable member of the team, his hard work and efforts to inspire others earned him an Achievement Award – he then used the grant to host a party celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth!

4. Thorpe Park during Queen Jubilee week

A young person form Baraka Community Association made an outstanding contribution to their youth organisation, by being a great and friendly leader to other members within the group. This led to her being awarded an Achievement Award; she then put the grant towards a fun and exciting trip for young people to go to Thorpe Park during the Queen’s Jubilee week!

5. Art Initiative for the Queen’s Jubilee

After being recognised as a mature and valuable asset to Robert Clack School, a young person was awarded an Achievement award.  They then spent their grant on Art resources, which consisted of materials and supplies to conduct an art initiative in commemoration of the Queen’s Jubilee!

These are just some of several ways that Achievement Award winners have used their grants… join our Achievement Award Scheme now to celebrate the coronation!


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