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From Speak Out and Glee Club Challenge to JPF Video Editor

From Speak Out and Glee Club Challenge to JPF Video Editor

As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Jack Petchey Foundation, we highlight exceptional cases of those who have participated in our programmes. On the 25th of every month throughout 2024 we will share one of those with you.

This month we have Chris. Chris currently manages a media agency specialising in video production and photography called Hashtag Creative Media, where he edits promotional videos for the Foundation! But his journey with us started years earlier…

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1. Firstly, tell us about yourself – name, what you do, where you are from?

My name is Chris Larkin, I’m from Essex and currently manage a media agency that specialises in video production and photography. We have a dynamic team of 6 individuals ranging from graduates learning their craft through apprenticeships to seasoned professionals who have worked on projects all over the world. For a number of years I’ve edited promotional videos for the foundation, including their latest one.

2. What was your first involvement with the Jack Petchey Foundation?

My first involvement with the Foundation was through the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge when I was in Year 10 at Helena Romanes School. I was chosen to represent my school after being selected through multiple rounds internally, where I was then awarded runner up at the regional final. I still have the iPod Shuffle that I won! A year or so later, I took part in the Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge 3 years in a row.

3. How did taking part in those programmes make you feel at the time?

I will never forget the feelings of taking part in both the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge and Glee Club Challenge Speak Out was the first time I had ever been recognised and rewarded for something I had done; it truly gave me belief that I could go on to do much more.

The Glee Club Challenge is aptly named as it truly challenged us but rewarded us by allowing us to work and learn from industry professionals and perform at some of the most prestigious venues in the country. One stand-out memory from the programme was when I was selected to introduce the finalists on stage. I remember standing in the wings looking at the gigantic empty stage at the indigo at the O2 and hearing the roar of the audience. Just before I stepped out to perform my part, I noticed Sir Jack next to me and whilst we didn’t get the opportunity to speak, I remember feeling an immense sense of pride and thanks towards Sir Jack for giving these hundreds of young people on stage and millions more the opportunity to experience self-belief, confidence and pride.

4. Did you develop any new skills or experiences from your time with the Foundation?

The skills I learnt from these experiences truly have shaped me to who I am today and guide me both in my personal and professional work life. Not to mention the friendships I formed throughout the journey. The ability to speak to others, whether that is in a room with one other person or a room with thousands of people is absolutely invaluable, the confidence to believe in myself and my own skills and now the ability to teach these skills to other individuals. This would all later go on to shape and inspire my career

5. Did any of these skills or experiences help you going forward and lead to what you are doing now?

I am incredibly lucky to have gone full-circle and now privileged to be able to work with the Foundation on their video projects, covering their different programmes and seeing how they inspire thousands of young people throughout London and Essex. Working alongside them to spread the word of the incredible life-changing work the Foundation is doing is wonderful.

6. What achievements are you proudest of since taking part in a Jack Petchey Foundation programme?

I have been fortunate to start my own business, utilising all the skills I learnt through the programmes. I transfer them to my work and the rest of the team. Looking back, my fondest memories would be performing professionally on stage and screen, which would not have been possible without taking part in the Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge and might not have led to me starting my business.

Chris performing in the Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge.

7. Do you have any advice for young people?

My advice to young people is to grab these opportunities with both hands, you don’t know what taking part in these programmes can lead to. Young people are incredibly lucky to have these opportunities available to them. They will honestly provide you with skills for life – be it your personal life, like building friendships and relationships, or your professional life.

Chris took part in the Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge, and tickets are now available to attend the Grand Final at indigo at the O2 on 28th April 2024. To find out more information on how to book your tickets click here.


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