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New Opportunity: Planting in the Playground

New Opportunity: Planting in the Playground


Whether it’s a fruit picking paradise or landscaping a miniature blooming field, we may have the perfect project to help develop a green garden space at your school.

The Jack Petchey Foundation has partnered up with The London Children’s Flower Society to give Secondary and Special Needs schools across the London with no or very little gardening area the chance to build a garden space as part of our new Planting in the Playground project.

Successful schools will be provided a planter, soil, gardening tools, gardening guidebook, bulbs/seeds as well as ongoing support for the next three years from the experts at London Children’s Flower Society.

Some kind of green space help children understand how much our survival depends upon plants … every school owes it to their children to give them access to a growing world.
– Alan Titchmarsh MBE (President of the London Children’s Flower Society)

This is a great opportunity for schools in need of equipment and guidance to help build a green space which could further promote student wellbeing, healthy eating or environmental awareness in school.

The programme also enables a chance for your school to flourish (no pun intended) in the London Children’s Flower Society’s annual gardening competition.

If your school is selected
, you would need to:

  • Commit to providing regular updates on the garden area;
  • Explain how it is benefitting your students;
  • Describe the impact on the school community.


This programme is worth £500 for each successful school, with only 30 places available.

Coordinators at schools can apply by completing a questionnaire that can be found on the London Children’s Flower society website or by clicking the button below!

Applications will are now OPEN and close 31st March 2022.

Apply soon to avoid disappointment!

Click here to apply


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