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Young Enterprise’s Employability Masterclass resources-Skills Audit

Young Enterprise’s Employability Masterclass resources-Skills Audit

From Young Enterprise’s Employability Masterclass resource, we’re pleased to share this ‘Skills Audit’ for those of you interested in preparing for your next steps after education.

Use this audit to think about some of your existing key skills (tick in the ‘Now’ column) and those you want to develop (tick in the ‘Not yet’ column). You can also think about examples to demonstrate the skills you already have in the ‘My Example’ column.

Top tip:

Don’t forget to write your examples using the STAR technique to make them clear and impactful.

  • Situation: the situation you had to deal with Task: the task you were given to do
  • Action: the action you took
  • Result: what happened as a result of your actions and what you learned from the experience.

If you think your school may be interested in organising one of these employability masterclasses then contact Michael Anderson, Regional Manager for London and the South East, at or visit the Young Enterprise website.

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