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Jack Petchey’s Green Writers: ‘Why though?”

Jack Petchey’s Green Writers: ‘Why though?”

 After releasing our recent #Environmental #Youth Survey, We have started a new blog series called ‘Jack Petchey’s Green Writers’ where a series of young people write about the environment! Our next Green Writer is Lily Huddart, who explains why it is not only important to care for our environment, but consider why we do it!

“Hi I’m Lily, I got a joint Jack Petchey Achievement Award for our contribution to our school’s environmental sustainability. I applied along with my friend, Uma, for a grant that allowed us to spend money on creating a living wall at our school, which is a project we are still working on. With the grant we received from Jack Petchey, we could start working on this concept and hopefully complete it soon.”

Lily won her Achievement Award from Grey Court School for her efforts to make the school a more environmentally friendly place. Lily has been a key role in the “Eco-Project”, where students and staff have worked together to improve various facilities around the campus, including putting together a funding bid from Richmond Council for better facilities including recycling bins and bamboo cutlery in the canteen. In addition, Lily has worked hard to embed the idea of reduce/reuse/recycle in lessons and across school-life to encourage her peers to take better care of the environment. Lily paired up with a fellow Achievement Award winner to spend their grant on a plant-wall for the school (see below)

Lily says: “Obviously, it is no secret that we are at a key turning point in the course of humanity when it comes to climate change and its effects on our Earth. We all have a responsibility to try to combat this both at home and at school. While it may seem a hassle, this is one of the world’s major issues, and it is preventable if we all work together towards the same goals. Helping combat this problem can be simple, even making small changes like switching to a reusable bottle can help. If you notice your school uses a lot of plastic in your canteen, or maybe you don’t have good recycling, you can change that! Point out these issues and suggest alternatives.”

Lily and Uma's grant spend for their school - 'Living Wall'

Lily is not alone in feeling that schools can improve their sustainability with a few small changes and support. In our recent Environmental Youth Survey, when asked what they felt their school or college should focus on to positively impact the environment the most common suggestion was around better environmental facilities, these included 2 in 5 young people would like their school canteen to use reusable or recyclable containers, 2 in 5 would like more recycling bins around campus and 1 in 3 would like school uniforms to be made out of recycled materials.

“Why, though? It is now more important than ever to care for and consider our planet. I’m sure you don’t need statistics, but it is vital to remember that climate change isn’t just a trend. Being sustainable as an individual and a school has a genuinely positive impact. If we continue to neglect this crisis, it will only get worse.e However, there are solutions that we can all be part of… Try to consider this in your everyday life. Sustainability doesn’t have to control your lifestyle, but by making good conscious choices, you are helping the planet!”

Thanks Lily for your wise words – your right, small steps do end up making a huge difference! To learn more about how our grants can help improve your youth group/school’s sustainability, download our Grantee’s Guide to Young People and the Environment!

Are you a young person striving to make a difference for the environment, climate change and young people? We want to hear from you. Email for the opportunity to share your story and your achievements!

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