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“Let’s sit and talk!” – Leader Award Grant spent on a Friendship Bench

“Let’s sit and talk!” – Leader Award Grant spent on a Friendship Bench

We love hearing how our grants have been used to make a real difference! This one is about a Leader Award Grant being spent on a Friendship Bench – a tool for positive mental and emotional health that can be used in various settings. This was written by Masudi, a Year 10 student who is currently on work experience with us! 

Pauline Brobbery, from Beth’s Grammar School, used her Leader Award Grant to buy friendship benches for the students to enjoy.

Pauline won a Leader Award for her kind and caring attitude towards students in the school. As a winner of a Leader Award, she was eligible to apply for a leader award grant to benefit the students. Pauline applied for a grant to buy four Friendship Benches for the children, to go with a picnic bench collectively bought by past Achievement Award Winners. Students made plaques for the benches in their D&T and Arts lessons, encouraging students to make time to “sit and talk”, further deepening the sense of community in the school.

This is just one example of what you can do when you apply for a Jack Petchey Leader Award Grant. Nominate someone for a Leader Award so they can apply for a grant within 6 months of receiving the award, and use the funds to further benefit their school or club.

Has your school received a Leader Award in the past year? Apply for a Leader Award Grant to help fund an additional project or opportunity to benefit the young people you work with! 

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