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Stay Connected

Not going to school and social distancing can feel quite isolating, even though its very important that we do it. It’s important to find new ways to socialise and stay in touch with friends, family and classmates during this time.

Take a look below for some ideas of just how to do this…


Stay in Touch with Friends

It’s really important to feel connected at the moment. As well as calling and messaging friends like normal, be sure to stop what you’re doing and engage with your friends via video calls. Why not do some of your school work together via video? Or start a hobby together?

There’s a great video of 20 games to play on Zoom with your family that has some great ideas including bingo, quizzes and more to keep your friends and family connecting during this time.

As well as thinking of your own social life, try to think of those people you know who might be particularly isolated at this time. It could be someone in your class who is an only child, or an elderly relative who you know is living alone. Try to connect with these people on a regular basis – even just with a quick message – to help build a community around them.


Engage with Your Local Community

So many people are performing incredible acts of kindness over this time – from collecting vital supplies for neighbours to sharing positive news.

Take a look around and think what the people might need around you. Older people are some of the most isolated in the community during this time, and we at the Jack Petchey Foundation want to encourage you to get in touch. ICS have a great article of 7 ways to help vulnerable people right now in your community for ideas. Why not check out volunteering opportunities in your area? Check out the British Red Cross website for more info.

See below for ways you can engage with your community with the Jack Petchey Foundation…


Connect with us on social media

Join our social media campaign to spread positive messaging on people’s feeds! DM us your ideas of what we should be sharing, or what your local youth group/school is doing in lockdown.

#InspiringMyGeneration is a hashtag we want people to use to talk about how older people inspire them. With older people self-isolating during this time, we want you to reach out to grandparents, neighbours, friends and teachers and share how the inspire you. If you use the hashtag, we’ll pass these stories onto Sir Jack himself, who is still working from home age 94!

Enter our photography competition #TheGoodInWhereILive! We want you to take a photo of where you live – on your daily walk – and submit it to us with a form explaining what you like about your area. Let’s celebrate the good in London and Essex! The winner will win £250 and have their work viewed by thousands!

Get Involved


Work with the Jack Petchey Community!

We’re still working hard to make sure we keep inspiring and celebrating young people through this turbulent time.

Do you have something you want to say? Write for us! We welcome blog posts from young people about a whole range of topics, from mental health to sport to careers.

Do you know of any opportunities or resources for young people we haven’t mentioned? Let us know! We’re always sharing useful resources, both on our website and our social media platforms, to try to inspire as many young people as possible.

Like the look of our opportunities? Share our competitions and campaigns on your own social channels or with friends, spread the word!

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